“Give folks a fish, they’ll eat for a day.  Teach them to fish, and all they’ll want to do is go catch smallmouth.”  –Captain Rich

2024 Fishing Trips and Prices


Occoquan River and Belmont Bay

In the spring and early summer, the Occoquan River and Belmont Bay area of the tidal Potomac are full of shad, striper, largemouth, and huge catfish. And they are all hungry.  We’ll launch from one of the ramps along the Occoquan and spend the day fishing between the base of the rocks and Occoquan Bay. The shad arrive in March as the water starts to warm.  If you have never fished for hickory shad before, don’t miss out on this opportunity.  The shad fishing is epic, and awesome for youngsters and new anglers.  The fishing remains fantastic through the spring bass spawn and into the early summer. The catfish bite is solid year-round.  For a full day trip, we can plan for a lunch stop at Brickmaker’s Cafe if you want to take a lunch break.

VA state freshwater license is required.

(Click here to purchase a VA license online.)

2024 Prices

$450 (Full Day)

$250 (Half Day)

No half day charters in DEC.

Prices are for 1 or 2 anglers. For 3 anglers, please add $50.

Please contact me to discuss specific trip options.

Upper Potomac River

Once the waters of the Upper Potomac calm a bit and water clarity improves, I encourage my customers to go smallmouth fishing on the Upper Potomac.  The smallmouth bite remains hot through the remainder of the summer into the fall with favorable river conditions.  And there are always a couple of walleye and channel cats to be had.  We’ll launch and look for holes and boulders along the river that hold fish.  We can adjust to whichever boat ramp is most convenient for you.  For a full day trip, we can plan for a lunch stop at the White’s Ferry Grill if you want to take a lunch break. Please note:  this trip is dependent upon river conditions.  I reserve the right to adjust this trip to a different location if conditions are not suitable for fishing.

MD or VA state freshwater license is required.

(Click here to purchase a VA license online.)

(Click here to purchase a MD license online.)

2024 Prices

$450 (Full Day)

$250 (Half Day)

No half day charters in MAR and DEC.

Prices are for 1 or 2 anglers. For 3 anglers, please add $50.


What’s Biting During the Year?

Fishing Forecast

What’s Biting and When?

The above calendar shows what I prefer to fish for and when.  I do not take customers in JAN and FEB, as conditions just aren’t conducive to good fishing and can be dangerous.  And honestly it’s just too cold for my liking.  I’m from Florida, and I have a strong aversion to being cold.  For each month above, the red blocks indicate what I think are “best bets” for my customers to have an enjoyable fishing experience.  Other anglers may disagree with optimal months for certain species.  But the above represents my opinion and how successful I think my customers will be based upon my guiding style.  Also, please note that spotted gar, striped bass, crappie, perch, and panfish are not listed, as I do not primarily target those species during my charters.

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Veterans Discounts

If you are a veteran of the US armed services, please send me an email to discuss my discounted rates.  Only one discount may be applied per trip.  Thank you for your service to our country.

Please note – I am unable to provide veterans discounts through Fishing Booker, Trip Advisor, or any other booking websites.  I can only offer veterans discounts if you contact me directly.


Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect gift for birthdays / Father’s Day / Arbor Day / Flag Day / National Doughnut Day?  I’ve got you covered.  Send me an email, and I’ll work with you to create a gift certificate that meets your needs, personalized for that special someone for whatever the occasion. 

Please note – I am unable to sell gift certificates through Fishing Booker, Trip Advisor, or any other booking websites.  I can only sell you a gift certificate if you contact me directly.


My Responsibilities

I will provide all of the following on my trips:

  • 8 hours of time on the water for full day trips
  • 4 hours of time on the water for half day trips
  • Fishing for up to three anglers
  • Use of all rods, reels, and terminal tackle
  • Bait for catfish trips
  • A small cooler with ice blocks for your food and beverages
  • A dry storage box for your phone/keys
  • All safety equipment, to include flotation devices
  • Binoculars for wildlife watching
  • All other costs associated with boat operation, such as gas, launch fees, etc.
  • Really lame jokes to keep you mildly entertained in between fish

Your Responsibilities

You will be responsible for the following:

  • A Maryland or Virginia freshwater fishing license for the date of the trip (I’ll ask to see this before we depart)
  • A liability waiver and agreement to reimburse for equipment damage due to carelessness or negligence for all members of your party prior to boarding the vessel
  • Protective clothing for sun / rain / cold (hats, jackets, rain slickers, neck gaiter, etc.)
  • If fishing the Upper Potomac in March, April, September or later, definitely bring something warm to wear during long, fast boat transits up the river
  • For Upper Potomac transits in the summer, bring a neck gaiter to cover your face, or you will be picking bugs out of your teeth
  • Polarized sunglasses, if you have them
  • Comfortable, rubber, non-marking shoes that can get a little muddy if needed; cowboy boots or other hard-soled shoes are not permitted on board
  • Food and beverages for the day for your party
  • Ice in a cooler if you intend on keeping your fish (keep this in your car while we are fishing)
  • Transportation to the boat ramp
  • A few chuckles at my lame jokes, and a few jokes of your own in return

How to Book a Trip

In order to book a trip, let’s have a chat on the phone or over text / email.  I want to learn more about you, your fishing background, and what you are hoping to get out of the experience so I can plan the right trip for you.  If you decide to fish with me, I’ll ask for a deposit of $50 to confirm your reservation.  Reservations are fully refundable within 1 calendar week of the scheduled departure time.


I currently accept cash, check, money orders, or electronic deposits via PayPal and Venmo.   If there is another form of electronic payment that suits you, let’s talk about it and I’ll see if I can set it up.  I do not accept credit cards.


The remaining balance of the guide rate will be due at the ramp at the conclusion of the trip.  Any additional costs resulting from negligent damage to equipment will be due immediately upon arrival back at the ramp.


I’ll fish in any weather conditions as long as the conditions are not dangerous.  That will be my determination to make.  In the instance where poor weather or river conditions won’t allow us to fish, I will refund the deposit in full or reschedule another date with you.  If you are looking at the forecast and uncertain about whether you want to fish in the rain, let’s touch base and come up with before we are within the 1 week window.  If you decide to cancel or shift the date within 1 week of departure, you will lose your deposit.


Additional Notes

I am a catch-and-release fisherman.  All walleye, largemouth, smallmouth, striper, and carp will be returned to the river; this is a firm policy.  However I recognize that you might want to take perch, crappie, catfish, sizeable bluegill, or snakehead home to your dinner table.  You can take those species home with you, but you are responsible for cleaning your catch and your own bags / coolers / ice to transport your fish home.


If you aren’t good with a filet knife, and you are interested in hiring someone to clean your fish for you, please check out First Cousins Fish Cuttery.  Tell them that I sent you, and they will hook you up.


You are welcome to use your own gear.  Before we depart, I’ll take a look at whatever gear you bring and provide you my honest assessment on whether you should bring it or leave it in your car.  My goal is for you to learn and catch fish.  I’ve got the rigs and setups that will catch fish; you should feel welcome to use my gear.  You are also welcome to bring your own fly gear, but I will not be able to advise you on flyrodding matters.  


You will be responsible for any damage caused to my equipment due to negligence or carelessness.  I will assess the cost to repair or replace any damaged items, and we will arrange reimbursement following the trip.  I understand that lures will be lost on snags and hang-ups; it’s a part of fishing.  However, if you consistently launch my lures into trees, trying to hook into birds, we will discuss reimbursement.  Birds are not the target species during my charters.


There is a zero tolerance policy for illegal substances on my boat.  I also reserve the right to end the service if my passengers comport themselves in an unsafe manner.  My passengers are welcome to legally partake in alcoholic beverages, but will be brought back to the ramp immediately if things become unsafe or unruly.  In these instances, a refund will not be issued.


All aerosols–sunscreens and big sprays–are prohibited due to the effects of the aerosol on the equipment and lures.  Scented sunscreen is strongly discouraged.  I encourage you to cover up from the sun with long sleeves, light pants, and hats instead of slathering on sunscreen.  Sunscreen stinks.  Fish don’t like it.  And if fish don’t like it, neither do I.  So please be mindful of sensible, protective attire during sunny days.


Firearms are not permitted on board.  Leave it at home.  We will not be shooting fish.


And lastly, bananas are really bad luck for fishing…. Under no circumstances shall bananas, plantains, Savannah Bananas or UC Santa Cruz team swag, your pet banana spiders or banana slugs, or any other products containing or referencing any forms of curved yellow fruits of any kind be brought on board the vessel, spoken of while under way, or even remotely thought about while fishing.